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Cybersecurity in 2017

According to Homeland Security News, The worldwide cybersecurity market is large and growing, with market sizing estimates ranging from $75 billion in 2015 to $170 billion by 2020. The size...

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DLA SPS Contract Award!

Harpy I.T. Solutions, L.L.C. is a subcontractor to Technique Solutions and was awarded the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Standard Procurement System (SPS) contract, 6 July 2015. The SPS Program is the...

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Recruitment Event

Human Capital & Talent Management

Harpy Information Technology Solutions, Inc. (Harpy ITS) seeks qualified candidates among the following titles:

  • Application Penetration Tester – provides technical product interrogations, third party cybersecurity risk assessments, and works closely with division R&D product teams, BTS, Legal, Public Affairs, Quality, Regulatory, and trusted suppliers; we see experienced penetration testers to assess diverse technology and device portfolios in collaboration with external security researchers, product designers and development teams to ensure appropriate cybersecurity controls are designed and tested on a regular basis. Requires the ability to have a clearance and advanced degrees.
  • CISO/ISO or Director of Security – must have business acumen, communication skills, and process-oriented thinking. They need to connect legal, regulatory, and local organizational requirements with risk taking, financial constraints and technological adoption. Requires the ability to have a clearance and advanced degrees.
  • Cyber Security Analyst / Engineer – performs forensic analysis of digital information and gathers and handles evidence. Identifies network computer intrusion evidence and perpetrators. Investigates computer fraud or other electronic crimes, crack files and system passwords, detects stegnography and recovers deleted, fragmented and corrupted data from digital media of all types. Ensures chain of custody and control procedures, documents procedures and findings in a manner suitable for courtroom presentation and prepares comprehensive written notes and reports. Requires the ability to have a clearance and advanced degrees.
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Analyst / Manager – runs periodical maintenance tests to ensure that system recovery works properly. Duties also include enhancing current technical processes and evaluating IT and business processes to make sure the best strategies are being used in order to determine the impact a disaster might have on a company ability to train others is required. Requires the ability to have a clearance and advanced degrees.
  • Incident Responder – performs all procedures necessary to ensure the safety of information systems assets and to protect systems from intentional or inadvertent access or destruction;  covers broad spectrum of computer network functions such as threat assessment, signature repository, vulnerability assessments, network event detection, response and countermeasure deployment. Requires the ability to have a clearance and advanced degrees.
  • Intrusion Analyst – conducts forensic analysis on a variety of digital media including hard drives, thumb drives, media cards, cell phones and other devices; creating detailed notes on logical processes undertaken and developing forensic reports in support of cyber investigations. Requires the ability to have a clearance and advanced degrees.
  • IoT / Critical Infrastructure Security Director – deep technical knowledge of security technologies, solid understanding of information security and networking, and extensive experience with day-to-day SOC operations, SOC support, training and operational readiness of the team; monitor, analyze, and detect Cyber events and incidents within information systems and networks under supervision; provide consultations regarding integrated, dynamic Cyber defense while leveraging Cybersecurity solutions to administer Cybersecurity operational services including intrusion detection and prevention, situational awareness of network intrusions, security events,  data spillage, and incident response actions; active participant in testing, deploying, and administering the infrastructure hardware and software required to effectively manage Cybersecurity operational services. Requires the ability to have a clearance and advanced degrees.
  • Malware Analyst – conduct malware analysis and recommend remediation for computer security events and incidents; identify and recommend process creation and improvements while supporting malware analysis systems and tools; knowledge of security tools and concepts. Requires the ability to have a clearance and advanced degrees.
  • Media Exploitation Analyst / Law Enforcement Computer Crime Investigator – develop and implement advanced solutions  tracking enemy TTPs and exploiting weaknesses in the use of anti-forensic tools; registry analysis and correlating results throughout information and intelligence holdings for link analysis; technical exploitation tool and script development; artifact pattern analysis, exploitation, and cross set link analysis; exploitation and cross set link analysis in the areas of communication tools and methods, social media, and messaging; uncommon Operating System exploitation among Linux, Mac, and mobile device Operating Systems; emerging technology application analysis and exploitation to prevent technological surprise.  Requires the ability to have a clearance and advanced degrees.
  • Mobile Security Manager
  • Network and Security Architect
  • Network / Endpoint Forensic Analyst
  • Secure Software Developer – leads all developers in the creation of secure software, implementing secure programming techniques that are free from logical design and technical implementation flaws. This expert is ultimately responsible for ensuring customer software is free from vulnerabilities that can be exploited by an attacker. Requires the ability to have a clearance and advanced degrees.
  • Security Audit and Risk Management Specialist
  • Security Operations Center Analyst
  • Software Validation Engineer
  • System, Network, and/or Web Penetration Tester – finds security vulnerabilities in target systems, networks, and applications in order to help enterprises improve their security. By identifying which flaws can be exploited to cause business risk, the pen tester provides crucial insights into the most pressing issues and suggests how to prioritize security resources. Requires the ability to have a clearance and advanced degrees.
  • Technical Director and Deputy CISO
  • Threat Hunter – analyzes how intruders breached the infrastructure in order to identify additional systems/networks that have been compromised. Investigating traces left by complex attacks requires a forensic expert who is not only proficient in the latest forensic, response, and reverse engineering skills, but is astute in the latest exploit methodologies, requires a degree – may require a Top Secret Clearance.
  • Vulnerability Researcher / Exploit Developer –

To learn more about our available position titles, forward your resume and a cover letter that briefly overviews your past performance to Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry.

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