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Cybersecurity in 2017

According to Homeland Security News,

The worldwide cybersecurity market is large and growing, with market sizing estimates ranging from $75 billion in 2015 to $170 billion by 2020. The size of the market is a response to the rising global cost of cyberattacks, which is expected to grow to $2.1 trillion by 2020.

Being in the “know” regarding cybersecurity is an integral aspect of every information technology (IT) professional organization in 2017 and beyond. Harpy I.T. Solutions, L.L.C. is prepared to augment cyber requirements as a cost-effective organization with solid cybersecurity past performance. In 2015, President Barack Obama created the Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan (“CSIP”), which for all intents and purposes has been working behind the scenes to secure our digital mapping; however, the CSIP hasn’t caught up to the cyber threats that increase exponentially daily.

President Donald Trump, has spoken to cybersecurity throughout his campaign, and thus far, there isn’t a signature plan on the table at the onset of the new administration other than in President elect’s own words:

. . . take every measure to safeguard our national security secrets and systems. We will make it a priority to develop defensive and offensive cyber capabilities at our U.S. Cyber Command, and recruit the best and brightest Americans to serve in this crucial area.

No matter how tough the battle is, laughter is always good medicine.

What does this mean for our community of federal cyber and IT contractors? 
It means a lot. We are on the forefront in the defensive against cyberattacks and cyberthreats. It’s folks like the Harpy I.T. Solutions, L.L.C. team and you and your team that will safeguard America. In 2017, the Harpy Team is prepared to take up arms through cyber and IT awareness in implementing solutions for a safer America today and tomorrow. And, our team invites you, to join us in supporting the Administration and Department of Defense (DoD) in the fight to restore a safe digital community nationally and globally.


We Are Solution Centric
Harpy I.T. Solutions, L.L.C. is releasing our Cybersecurity White Paper Solution late February 2017 and we are happy to network with “other solution providers” to ensure a comprehensive resource guide follows our White Paper. Of course, we can build together in answer to impending procurement relative to cyber need. If you, or your team, are interested in working together to shore up America’s digital community and wipe out digital threats where we can . . . write us.

Let’s ignite a new vision of a secure cyber community!


About the Author:
Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry, is a government and commercial management consultant featuring business development, capture and proposal architecture and a contractor for Harpy I.T. Solutions, L.L.C. Donna, affectionately referred to as “Q” is also a published author and an economically disadvantaged woman-owned small business (EDWOSB & WOSB) entrepreneur of dpInk and DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. She is also a syndicated journalist of columns such as: Washington DC Government Business Examiner, Washington DC Military Technology Examiner, Washington DC Wounded Warrior Examiner and the National Writing Examiner. She has also maintained columns referencing New Age Philosophies on Writing Enhancement and an online University Course on the topic. Q is a native of metropolitan Washington DC and she currently resides in North Carolina with her son who sustained a work-related traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 2003. A mother of five adult success-driven children, Q is also a grand-mother of nine with number ten arriving in March 2017, which is very exciting!

DLA SPS Contract Award!


Harpy I.T. Solutions, L.L.C. is a subcontractor to Technique Solutions and was awarded the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Standard Procurement System (SPS) contract, 6 July 2015.

The SPS Program is the cornerstone for the Department of Defense (DoD) paperless acquisition initiative.

Directing available funds to mission-critical purchases is essential to program success. The Procurement Desktop-Defense (PD2) solution provides automated, strategic, and streamlined contract management support for procurement professionals. Harpy is proud to have a hand in the paperless race in support of our global environment initiatives.

Harpy I.T. Solutions, L.L.C. is available to assist your next project as well!